Art Exhibit Announcement

Exposiqäo de
Maio 2 Junho 14
André Pilarte Gallery – Tavira
Stoneware Vessels by Alexis Strong
Sculpture by Wolfgang Spengler – Paintings by Eliza Hafer

Wolfgang Spengler works in marble, alabaster, wood, cork and clay, displaying a versatile talent through a vast range of subjects – from animals and human figures, to sea life and fossils.
Alexis Strong creates hand-built ceramic stoneware vessels which ‘evoke an ancient, anthropological and ritual ancestry, ‘ with their unglazed and richly textured surfaces.
Eliza Hafer paints from the imagination – figures and animals emerging from the textures she creates with acrylics. Her first show in the Algarve will include a new series of sea animals.

The André Pilarte Gallery Space is located a few meters west of Praqa de Republica behind the Camåra Municipal, on Rua Amalia Rodriguez.
Terga, Maio 2 – Sabado,Junho 14. loam – 18:00.
Closed Sundays. Fechado Domingo. INFO: 966 604 426

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